Team Selection

It's your job to select the side for each match. You'll need to have a good understanding of your players skills, how those skills are best utilised in certain positions and the current Phyiscal Condition of all players, as this directly effects player skill levels and likelyhood of injury.

You should also be sure to scout your opposition.  Key information like:

  • What is the state of their Physical Condition?
  • What are their strengths & weaknesses and how do you combat these with clever positional and tactic selections?
  • Is this a good week to rest some of your better players or will you need your best team playing to win this game?

General tips for positional selection:

  • Strong Marking players will get many opportunities to utilise this skill if played in key positions (ie. FF, CHF, RK, CHB, FB).
  • Stong Possession and Tackling players will get many opportunites to utilise these skills if played in the middle (ie. RW, C, LW, RO, RR).
  • Half Forwards and Half Backs must have a good balance of Aerial and Ground Skills.
  • Forward and Back Pockets are more likely to be involved in Ground Level contests than Aerial Contests.
  • All Ruckwork will be done by RK, CHB & CHF so make sure the players named in these positions have some skills in this area.

You can also create mutliple lineups (ie. Best Team, Backups, Mixture1, etc) in advance and then simply select which lineup you would like to utilise for each match.