You can expand your stadium to earn more money from home games. Initial stadium size when a new team is created is 20,000 seats.

Default seat numbers and prices are as nominated below:

  • Outer – 12,000 seats at $30 per seat.
  • Members – 6,000 seats at $60 per seat.
  • Corporate Boxes – 2,000 seats at $180 per seat.

The ability to sell out a stadium is directly influenced by the success of the team, the cost of seat prices, the number of ‘season ticket holders’, and the size of the stadium.

Construction Costs

  • Outer - $120 per seat. Maximum number of outer seats in any stadium = 60,000
  • Members - $240 per seat. Maximum number of member seats in any stadium = 30,000
  • Corporate Boxes - $600 per seat. Maximum number of corporate box seats in any stadium = 10,000

Construction Time

  • 1 – 1000 seats = 5 days.
  • 1000 – 5000 seats = 10 days.
  • 5000 – 10000 seats = 20 days.
  • 10,000+ seats = 30 days.

If your club is successful, more of your fans will take out ‘Season Memberships’ (you start out with 5000 'Season Members'). Your membership numbers will increase or decrease each season depending upon a number of factors including:

  • Where the team finished the season before.
  • How many players were in the ‘League Leaders’ the previous season.
  • How much money the manager has won or lost on the ‘Player Market’ in the previous season.
  • How much money has been invested into better staff, more staff and stadium upgrades.

As the number of ‘Season Memberships’ increases, so too does the ability to fill seats in your stadium.