Scouting & Rookie Draft

At the end of each season, once the finals are completed, there is a Rookie Draft for each League. This draft consists of 18 and 19 year old players that can be drafted into teams for the upcoming season.

A 'Draft Lottery' will determine which draft selections your team receives in the end of season draft.  The lower on the ladder you finish, the higher probability you have of recieving a high pick.  That said, the nature of a lottery is that every team still retains some chance of getting a high pick in the draft.

There will be 3 rounds in the Rookie Draft, which means a total of 36 new young players per league will be selected.  These players will be listed at the start of each season in the Scouting section of the game.

During the season each team has the opportunity to ‘Scout’ the players that will be nominating for the end-of-season draft. The more Scouts a team has, the more information they will get on the players, allowing the manager to pick the best young player available.

The Scouts can asses the potential draftees in three ways:

  1. Physical Data – this identifies height, build and age.
  2. Match Visit – this identifies the player’s skill values at that time.
  3. Professional Assessment – this identifies the player’s talent level.

Scouts have 1 point per week to assess one of the three data areas (as nominated). For any single player, Scouts must assess ‘Physical Data’ first before they can assess either of ‘Match Visit’ or ‘Professional Assessment’. However, you do not have to assess all 36 players. Your Scouts can choose to focus on getting all the data for a select number of rookies if desired. 

Scouting reports will occur every week and you are able to employ up to 8 Scouts.

NOTE:  Any scouts you have employed will automatically assess Physical Data for all draftees in random order if you do not specifically nominate certain draftees to scout.