New clubs start with $300,000, 22 players, one Head Coach and a Scout. If the team economy falls into negative territory, the you have 3 weeks to rectify the situation before declaring bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy will result in all players and staff being listed for sale on the ‘Player and Staff Markets’ and the team will be reset to a newly created team.  Note – funds from the sale of players and staff will not be awarded to the team. They will receive $300,000 just like any other newly created team.   


Weekly earnings:

  • 1 home game per week.
  • Winners fee for all league games won.

Bonus earnings:

  •   League Best Player - $100,000 (end of season award)
  •   League Top Rookie - $100,000 (end of season award)
  •   Position in All-League Team - $50,000 (end of season award)

Miscellaneous revenue

  • Selling players on ‘Player Market’.


  • Player salaries - All players have a ‘salary per game’ which is determined at the start of each season (based on their skills at that time).
  • Managers only pay the salaries of players that play in the ‘Footy Boss’ league games that week.  They do not pay the salaries of players that do not play.
  • Staff salaries - This is determined by their ability.

Tips For Managing Your Economy

  • Be sure to regularly review your 'Net Weekly Income'.  Even if you've got a positive balance, it will erode very quickly if you've losing money each week.
  • Your balance can be deceiving if you've just played a Home Game and received the income for that game.  You must remember that there are 2 games each week where you'll pay Player and Staff salaries however only one of those will be a Home Game where you receive income.
  • If you fall into negative territory there are a number of tactics to rectify this situation such as 1. Selling or sacking players  2. Sacking staff members.  3. Raising the ticket prices of your Stadium  4.  Consider playing cheaper players for a number of League games which will save you money on player wages (as only the players that play are are paid for that week).